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An Introduction

Hospitality was important to the Monastic Family Fraternity of Jesus. Welcoming people throughout the year from Italy, Europe and further afield offered the community that opportunity to provide a space of encounter with the Lord whilst witnessing to a way of life inspired by the Gospel.

Young and old, single people and families, priests and religious came for a few days or a week to be refreshed by the community’s spirituality. Guests become part of the life of prayer and work of the community whilst also having the freedom to visit Rome and other beautiful areas in the local vicinity.

An Experience of God’s Love

The Monastic Family Fraternity of Jesus wished every guest to experience the love of God through a life of work, prayer and fraternity inspired by the Gospel. Those visiting the community spoke of their experience of God’s Love in many ways, including the proclamation of God’s Word; faith-sharing; a Prayer Vigil with the Blessed Sacrament; a walk through the beautiful grounds; a visit to the carpentry; the listening ear of a brother or sister; an icon being written; the considerate word of a brother or sister; the spiritual guidance of the Abbot.

The Monastic Family Fraternity of Jesus aimed to witness to God’s Love whether praying, working, planning projects, resolving problems or just simply living together in harmony. The community aimed to provide guests with an experience of life rooted in the Gospel witnessing to the love of God, the love of neighbor and the love of His Creation. Illuminated by the Word of God the community aimed to be a daily witness to God’s peace, beauty, joy, gentleness, compassion, patience, reconciliation, justice and love.

An experience for Young Adults

Youth leaders and young adults from Italy, Poland, the UK and around Europe visited the Monastic Family Fraternity of Jesus for an experience of life rooted in the Gospel. Groups from the UK included SPEC, St. Michael’s Security and Highgate School. Groups normally came for a week and were integrated into the community’s life of prayer and work .

A typical week on a Young Adult Retreat
Monday – Arrive, Welcome and Tour of Vallechiara, Rosary & Mass, Dinner.
Tuesday – Morning Prayer, Work, Lunch, Faith-Sharing, Evening Prayer, Mass, Dinner.
Wednesday – Morning Prayer, Visit to Rome & Faith-Sharing, Evening Prayer, Mass, Dinner
Thursday – Morning Prayer, Work, Lunch, Faith-Sharing, Evening Prayer, Mass, Dinner.
Friday – Morning Prayer, Desert Day in Mountains, Taize-style Prayer around Cross, Dinner
Saturday – Morning Prayer, Work, Lunch, Football, Prayer Vigil with Adoration, Dinner.
Sunday – Morning Prayer, Solemn Mass, Lunch, Beach, Evening Prayer, Pizza.
Monday – Morning Prayer, Packing, Faith-Sharing, Home

Each retreat was moulded to meet the requirements of each group in harmony with the community

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