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March 1, 2010

Holy Family of NazarethThe Monastic Family Fraternity of Jesus was a Federation with two religious congregations – the Brothers of Jesus & the Sisters of Jesus – and an Association of the Faithful catering for the needs of families and single people wishing to share in the community’s charism. The Monastic Family Fraternity of Jesus was suppressed (closed down) by the Holy See in 2010.

The life of the brothers, sisters and families was inspired by the Holy Family of Nazareth – prayer and work lived with a simplicity of heart rooted in the Love of Jesus Christ. The Mother House of the Monastic Family Fraternity of Jesus was The Monastery of Vallechiara, located thirty kilometres south of Rome near the town of Landi (Lanuvio).

In 1972, in the light of the Second Vatican Council, Father Tarcisio Benvenuti, was inspired to begin this new community life. The vision was quite simply to live an experience of Nazareth putting in to practice the Words and Gestures of Jesus Christ.

The monastic village was founded on an area of abandoned farmland near Rome. Until 2010, the Monastery of Vallechiara was home to a joyful community providing the foundation for a life of prayer, work, community, hospitality and mission.

During its relatively short life the community was privileged to receive the Church’s blessing on several occasions – most recently with an Official Letter from the Prefect for the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith (please click on ‘Church’). The founder and the former members of this community would be grateful if you could please keep us in your prayer as we strive to find a way forward in the light of its closure by the Holy See in 2010.

Thank you and God bless you!